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We are a group of global IT companies that completely focuses their activity on the  Connectivity and Integration of Business Systems

Our Companies

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B2B Solutions

B2B Solutions is a Spanish Information Technology services company which specialises entirely in B2B integration, Managed File Transfers and Supply Chain Optimization.

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B2B Bureau

Our Managed Cloud Services company. We provide all the functionality of B2B Collaboration solutions, reducing complexity, infrastructure, IT resources, consulting hours and costs.

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B2B Next

Our Digital Transformation services company.
We are specialists in developing and optimizing information systems and infrastructures to improve the profitability of IT investments.

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B2B Next Mexico

B2B Next MX is the Mexican subsidiary of B2B Solutions.

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B2B Next United Kindom

B2B Next UK is the British subsidiary of B2B Solutions.

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B2B Next Colombia

B2B Next CO is the Colombian subsidiary of B2B Solutions.

We professionally manage B2B Integration and File Transfer needs, making business processes so much simpler, and significantly reducing costs.  

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We base our Cloud Services on IBM’s B2B Collaboration solutions, providing all the functionality that our clients need to drive their business.

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B2B Bureau Cloud Managed Services

We transform our customers’ files to any format and protocol irrespective of the source to be able to transfer them with full guarantees whenever or wherever they need and communicate the delivery to the person indicated in the manner they prefer.

Likewise, we do reverse management by integrating our customers’ business partners’ files into their information systems.

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B2B Integration Services

Integrated management services aimed at the incorporation of business partners, the management of B2B processes and the support of our clients’ business partners.

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File Transfer Services

Managed services aimed at undertaking transfers of our clients’ files to the cloud by means of a single, secure and reliable connection.

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Transformation Services

Managed services that cover all the activities related to the transformation of our clients’ files.

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 Reporting Services

Services aimed at providing visibility and control to our clients' B2B transactions by means of creating reports, dashboards and alerts, to the extent of the information needs.

Financial and Tax Adaptation Services

Comprehensive management of services to adapt our customers’ systems, processes and operations to new developments or changes in fiscal regulations.

Increase your competitive advantage, rolling out new products and services faster, using our experience in providing support to your business partners

Our Cloud Managed Services are managed by expert specialist consultants, all highly qualified in IBM B2B collaboration solutions. They will assess you in all phases of the service, so that you can optimise your investments, and achieve your business objectives.

Our technical support service, available 24x7, will ensure the professional response that you and your partners need.

Business valule higlights

 More than    4€

in business benefits per
1€ invested

  7,8 months

on average for payback

  3€ millions

in additional revenue gained by organizations

IDC, "Driving Strategic Value with IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services" January 2016

Return on Investment (ROI)

If you are still unsure, allow us to carry out an analysis of your organisation’s B2B collaboration needs in order to personalise our Cloud Managed Services and draw up a return on investment study. We are convinced that this commitment and cost free study will surprise you.