Reporting Services

Services aimed at providing visibility and control to our clients’ B2B transactions by
means of creating reports, dashboards and alerts, to the extent of the information needs

Our services include detailed reports that provide full visibility on our clients' and their Business Partners' B2B transactions, and also provide important information on business trends.

The reports are configured and adapted to each client's needs, and we can also create analytical studies, once the essential data has been compiled. In this way it is possible to generate reports based on summarised data (it is possible to show data by hours, days, months, quarterly periods and years, as well as summarised data by hours), along with detailed data on the document, such as file, name, control number and document reference.

The reports are displayed on control panels which we set up according to the needs of each client, so that "intance" reports can be created and placed on the control panels, or we can design a panel with several reports of the same type, but with different set ups and filters. The control panels can show four types of graph for most reports, with bar, column, linear and table graphs. In this way, we present information in the form of visual guides which simplify comprehension of your B2B transactions, so that it is easier for you to make proactive decisions and improve the client's response capacity.

We also provide alerts, based on critical business process parameters,  which enable you to monitor specific conditions, and identify errors and unexpected events.

Alerts can be set up so that once they are activated, a specific user will be notified.

Reports and Alerts Cloud Services:

  • Configuration of reports and application of filters

  • Configuration of dashboards

  • Provision of alerts to monitor specific conditions and notification of the activation of alerts according to the established program

  • Gathering and registering of data to be used in analytics, according to the needs of our clients

  • Technical support and client and business community services

Increase the business capacity of your organisation and improve strategic decision making with information provided in real time and with alerts regarding
 your B2B operations. 

Advantages of our reporting services:

  • Provides detailed reporting across all trading partners

  • Provides accurate visibility into transactional relationships

  • Helps manage errors and exceptions in an automated fashion

  • Identifies process improvement opportunities among customers, suppliers, and other trading partners

  • Defines trends and anomalies across all transactions to help improve efficiency through proactive management

  • Groups internal divisions, departments, and trading partners to help visually compare processed data volumes and evaluate groups based on those performance trends

  • Displays visibility information in the form of dynamic tables and charts, including bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs

  • Retains data online to help you evaluate document trends

  • They enable you to identify trends, establish norms and issue alerts of unexpected activities

  • They help to reduce costs, risks and transaction failures

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits that our Cloud services can bring to your organisation, contact B2B Bureau.

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