Transformation Services

Transformation Services

Managed services designed to cover all the activities related to the transformation of our clients’ files.

Mapping and translation services to help companies adapt to B2B business requirements. With our services you can send data in any format that you choose so that it will reach your business partners in the format that they need, including translation of EDI to XML , flat file to XML flat file to EDL etc.

Our B2B Transformation Cloud services make it possible to do business with almost any organisation without having to worry about data transformation processes.

Transformation Services included in the monthly fee:

  • Services to analyze, define and develop document standards conventions, application file specifications and the correlation between them
  • Development of maps to convert the files to the required format and vice versa
  • Integration and deployment of maps from non-productive environments (Development, QA, etc. ) to a production environment
  • End-to-end testing between the customer and their business partners
  • Map maintenance, such as cross-reference tables
  • Technical support and client and business community services

Translation supporting:

  • EDI to EDI
  • EDI to Proprietary
  • Proprietary to EDI
  • EDI to XML
  • XML to EDI
  • XML to XML
  • XML to Proprietary
  • Proprietary to XML
  • SQL to Proprietary
  • Proprietary to SQL
  • Proprietary to Proprietary

Our B2B Transformation Cloud Services free up your organisation’s resources, releasing them from dealing with the complex requirements of B2B integration.

At B2B Bureau we develop data maps we manage and maintain them and we test them to ensure that they meet our clients’ specifications, so that data can be converted from one format to another.

If you are interested in receiving more information on any aspect related to our managed transformation services, contact B2B Bureau.