IBM B2B Collaboration Solutions

IBM B2B Collaboration solutions, as market leaders, enable you to develop a strategy that will reduce costs and manage and control in an efficient manner, and in real time, internal and external movements of critical business information

IBM solutions for B2B integration and Managed File Transfers (MFT) provide access to data, applications and information, regardless of the platform, device or data format.

An operating result that helps to avoid:

  • Interruptions in internal business processes
  • Restrictions when launching new added value services to your clients
  • Limitations on your interaction with external business communities

Clients work in an open, dynamic, secure and synchronised business process scenario in order to interact without restraint and enabling you to adapt immediately to changes and innovations that the Market or clients demand.

Why IBM B2B Collaboration Solutions?


  • File transfer is becoming increasingly important
  • Volumes continue to increase, larger files, transferred more assiduously between increasingly broader communities, more protocols, more complexity
  • Varied types of File Transfer Systems have become the norm


  • Compliance with regulations and information privacy are a priority
  • Obsolescence of traditional FTP is making them unmanageable
  • Data integrity is ensured


  • Rapid on boarding capacity in order to gain a competitive advantage (partners, suppliers, clients)
  • Impact of globalisation
  • Migration of owner networks to internet
  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Integration of the file transfer infrastructure with corporate infrastructure (more dynamic)
  • Ability to provide speed, flexibility and robustness to file transfer processes
  • Rapid and economical response to customer requests


  • 100% IBM Software
  • A solid platform with 14 years as the market leader
  • Continuously evolving functionality

IBM B2B Collaboration Clients have been able to reduce by:

1 %
1 %
1 %
1 %

The time spent on problem solving associated with file transfer

Costs associated with managing exceptions

Time spent on onboarding processes

The volume of errors with non-managed transfer systems

Soure: Watson Supply Chain: IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Platform / MFT. Febrero 2018

Benefits of IBM B2B Collaboration Solutions

Single, secure gateway for files and documents

Simplified Onboarding of your
trading partner community

Reduction of cost of Your
value chain

Adaptation to current regulations 

Systems consolidation

High availability for zero downtime

SLA performance

Processes industrialization and
reduction of human intervention

Increased visibility and control

Adaptability to new protocols,
standards and formats

Advanced analytics to leverage
the wealth of data

On premise, local, and hybrid cloud deployment options

Added value

IBM B2B and IBM integration solutions provide cover to projects that result in simplification and advanced management, ensuring controlled and secure exchange of critical data through files between internal applications or between companies in the same group, or central systems and their external business partners (suppliers, clients, partners, institutions, public bodies, regulators, branches, shops etc) with those that they interact with using files.

The added value is particularly relevant in Projects with heterogeneous environments with a scenario that has:

  • High number of applications and transactions
  • High volume of interrelated systems and applications
  • Dispersed systems
  • Need to integrate and incorporate applications, systems and transactions from heterogeneous and dispersed environments
  • Need for universal and dynamic management of both internal and external interfaces (suppliers, clients etc.)
  • Need to align and bring together the IT organisation and the business or service
  • Need to dynamically interact with a heterogeneous volume of data formats and communications protocols
  • Need to ensure end to end visibility of any internal or external flow of exchange of critical data
  • Supervision in real time of business processes supported by exchange flows of sensitive and critical files

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