Integration Services

Integration Services

Services aimed at the incorporation of business partners, the management of B2B processes and the support of our clients’ business partners.

The B2B integration services enable clients to transfer files to B2B Bureau for them to be converted, using methodologies based on business rules provided by the client and, likewise, to re-send these to the client’s business partners.

Likewise, the files received from the business partners will be converted using methodologies based on business rules that the client offers, in the format indicated by the client and they will be transferred to the client in line with their instructions.

Non-optimized onboarding processes

are often time consuming, and business and billing opportunities are often lost due to delays.

Accelerate B2B collaboration by hiring our services.

B2B Integration Services included in the monthly fee:

  • Continual management of the B2B needs, which include:
  • File transformation and encryption and validation of formats
  • Community services. Checking that every Business Partner conforms to Client specifications, through integral tests between the Business Partner and the Client. Our services include test planning, monitoring and notifying the respective parties of results, in order to carry out corrective actions, as appropriate, validating the satisfactory tests and coordinating the service activation date with the parties
  • Services that ensure visibility and control of business processes
  • Management of infrastructure and communications
  • Analysis and development of correlation requirement specifications
  • Version management, planning and administration of B2B business processes
  • Technical support and client and business community services

If you are interested in receiving more information on any aspect related to our Managed B2B Integration Services, contact B2B Bureau.