File Transfer Services

File Transfer Services

Services aimed at undertaking transfers of our clients’ files to the cloud by means of a single, secure and reliable connection

  • We provide a unique safe connection for transferring files to the client’s community of business partners
  • We automate and process files entering and leaving the cloud
  • We provide support most business partners’ requirements, in terms of format, protocol and file size
  • Our professionals manage business partners and their connections
  • This enables our clients to:
  • Rapidly meet the demand of B2B file transfer requirements
  • Reduce the need for personnel in your facilities for administering and monitoring the B2B file transfer activity
  • Ensure visibility and control of all B2B file activity
  • Reduce their costs

Simplify B2B file transfer processes.

Grow your business in response to commercial demand.

File Transfer Services included in the monthly fee:

  • Authentication, signed, content validation and file transfer
  • Management of batch files, including aggregation and segregation of records
  • Technical support and client and business community services

If you are interested in receiving more information on any aspect related to our managed file transfer services, contact B2B Bureau.

We will be happy to help you.