Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Services aimed at providing professional coverage throughout the process with the aim of relieving our clients of their workload, leveraging the capabilities of IBM’s B2B Collaboration solutions and optimising complex B2B processes in a completely secure way. 

Our experience in the development of B2B projects and knowledge of the
market enable us to facilitate the deployment of leading B2B integration
solutions and collaborate with business partners in a quicker and more secure way. They also enable us to leverage the capabilities of IBM’s B2B
Collaboration solutions and optimise complex B2B processes in a completely secure way, achieving exceptional levels of efficiency when operating in order to drive our clients’ business.

B2B Bureau offers a unique communication with an expert and certified
Technical Lead for every project, regardless of the professionals required to contribute, who will lead the project, as well as conversations with the client and their business partners, which helps avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Consulting Services included in the monthly fee:

  • Assigning a Technical Lead to the project
  • Proactive advice for our clients throughout the process
  • Design, preparation and confirmation of a Migration Project Plan
  • Implementation and integration of a monthly partner, including the design of the integrations required and communication with the Business Partners’ IT teams to complete them
  • Basic report design
  • Technical support and customer service support for your business community

If you are interested in receiving more information on any aspect related to our Consulting Services, contact B2B Bureau.