B2B Bureau – English

B2B Bureau is the Cloud of Integration services,
100% managed by B2B Solutions, to take care,
in a professional way, of the B2B Integration and File Transfer
needs of our clients, simplifying their business processes while drastically reducing their costs.

B2B Bureau offers a unique range of Managed Services to meet all of your B2B Integration and File Transfer needs, and significantly reduce costs.

We base our Cloud Services on IBM´s B2B Collaboration solutions, providing all the functionality that our clients need to dirve their business

Main features

Total simplicity.
No technical knowledge
is required.

We manage any B2B Integration
or File Transfer needs reliably
and securely.

Business partner integration
with point to point testing between the
partner and the customer.

Services based on the latest B2B
collaboration solutions from IBM, market
leaders in SW Supply Chain.

Design and implementation of a “Migration Project Plan”
that is customised based on each customer’s features and needs.

Proactive and professional technical support service available 24/7 in our customers’ and their business partners’ language.

Services within any
business’ grasp (formerly only
available to banking and large
corporations), from just 500 €/month.

Single point of contact for our customers as well as their business partners with a technical Lead, who is an expert and certified in Supply Chain solutions.

Guaranteed deployment of customer containers to another cloud provider or on-site (servers) at the end of the service agreement.

Proactive advice at every stage of the
service in order to take advantage of the
capabilities of IBM’s solution and optimise
processes securely.

Mapping and translation services into any protocols and files formats, regardless of their size (EDICOM, FTP, C:D, AS2, among others).

B2B Bureau offers a complete and exclusive range of professional services for a minimal monthly fee.
A Premium Service that will allow you to increase your competitive advantage by rapidly deploying B2B Collaboration capabilities, relying on our expertise, and providing 24/7 Professional Support to your customers and business partners.

Professional services with full coverage

Our Cloud Services are managed by expert consultants who are specialised and certified in IBM’s B2B Collaboration solutions. They advise our clients throughout the process, so that they can focus their efforts on their business,
optimise their investments and achieve their business goals.

In this way, our consultants are involved in meetings with our clients’ business partners in order to define, design and implement the integrations required. We communicate with their IT teams to integrate the files of our clients’ business
partners into their information systems.

We also produce reports, control panels, alerts, and email notifications, as needed, in order to provide visibility and control of our customer’s B2B transactions.

All of our consulting activities are part of our services and are included in the prices, as well as the design, preparation and confirmation of the Migration Project Plan, the Implementation, and the integration of a monthly partner.

Our experience in the development of B2B projects and knowledge of the market enable us to facilitate the deployment of leading B2B integration solutions and collaborate with business partners in a quicker and more secure way. They also enable us to leverage the capabilities of IBM’s B2B Collaboration solutions and optimise complex B2B processes in a completely

secure way, achieving exceptional levels of efficiency when operating in order to drive our clients’ business.

Our strength lies in our knowledge and understanding of the B2B market and our clients’ needs, as well as having the best professionals and the most highly qualified proactive 24/7 technical support service, guaranteeing our clients and
their business partners receive the professional response they expect from a high quality service.

Business valule higlights

More than


in business benefits per
1€ invested


months on average for payback



in additional revenue gained by organizations

IDC, “Driving Strategic Value with IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services”

5 Key reasons to use our Cloud Managed Services:

Our Coud Managed Services reduce investment in infrastructures and software licences, while also reducing the costs associated with selecting, contracting, training and retaining specialist resources.

B2B collaboration is becoming increasingly complex, with protocols, management, standards, data formats. integration technologies , lack of specialised personnel, platforms that are not developing… Our services, managed by expert B2B professionals, simplify IT operations as far as possible in terms of B2B Collaboration needs, so that you can concentrate all your efforts on your business.

Our Cloud Managed Services enable you to deploy the latest B2B integration solutions, providing resources for collaborating with business partners in a faster and more secure manner, helping the business to grow and increasing profitability.

Our experience in developing B2B, and our knowledge of the market, enables us to deploy IBM’s B2B Collaboration solutions to full capacity and optimise the complex B2B process in a completely secure manner, obtaining exceptional levels of operating efficiency to help you drive your business.

Our Cloud Managed Services are managed by expert specialist consultants, all highly qualified in IBM B2B collaboration solutions. They will assess you in all phases of the service, so that you can optimise your investments, and achieve your business objectives.

Our technical support service, available 24×7, will ensure the professional response that you and your partners need.

Return on Investment (ROI)

If you are still unsure, allow us to carry out an analysis of your organisation’s B2B collaboration needs in order to personalise our Cloud Managed Services and draw up a return on investment study. We are convinced that this commitment and cost free study will surprise you.