Additional Services

Other Additional Services

Services designed to provide a personalised service that meets our clients and
their business partners’ most demanding needs.

In addition to our standard File Integration, Transfer, and Transformation,
Reporting and Consultancy services, we offer a wide and flexible range of
managed services with the aim of adapting to the needs of our most demanding clients and their business partners.

Our additional services allow our clients to start working with our basic services and scale to any other service as their business evolves, if necessary.

Our additional services, not included in the monthly fee:

  • Design detailed reports and dashboards, configured and tailored to each of our customer’s needs and carry out of analytical studies
  • Design and send personalised alarm SMS messages using tailor made control panels in order to monitor the required process conditions
  • Generation of SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt
  • File structure and content validation prior to transformation
  • Date repair, so that transfers take place in accordance with our customer’s requirements, taking business partners’ working days and holidays into account
  • Duplicate control configured at three levels: name, content, and/or hash
  • Certificate verification against CRLs
  • Obfuscation of sensitive data and data encryption services
  • Grouping and ungrouping files or documents
  • File and metadata storage for audit purposes
  • Renaming files in accordance with the final customers’ decision
  • Notification about documents with partial rejections with reconstruction in order to carry out the necessary adjustments
  • Validations of structure, contents, etc.

If you are interested in receiving more information on any aspect related to our additional managed services, contact B2B Bureau..